Beautiful, Inside and Out: Photography mini-workshop

Last month I was asked to teach the young women at church a little bit about photography for their weekly activity night. I gave them a little presentation with tips and tricks on lighting a portrait subject, shooting landscapes, and composing pleasing images. Afterwards we went outside in the fading evening light to practice. I had each girl model for me for a couple minutes.

It's amazing to me how having a camera in my hand influences people. Some of the girls were a little shy in front of the camera, others were bold and confident. Shooting portraits sometimes involves a bit of psychology more than anything. Reading people, and trying to make them feel comfortable. My goal for these mini-shoots was to help the girls feel beautiful in their own skin. I told them they didn't need to be photoshopped to be beautiful, and they agreed.

 I love her shirt! It's a T-Rex! Get it? ha ha...

I love the quiet strength in this one.

Thank you girls! I had so much getting to know you all!