Kristy: Mermaid Hair

Blonde hair dipped into a vibrant aquamarine blue, I didn't know this was called "mermaid hair" until this last weekend when I met Kristy. I had been invited to shoot with the lovely and oh so talented Nicole Maxfield of

Cole Maxfield Photography

. She had arranged for a model to come into the studio for a while. Little did I know she had just met this model on the street the other day, saw her hair, and asked her if she would be willing to pose for a few pictures. Kristy, being the sweet and adventurous girl she is, agreed to come in and pose for us. 

I see people all the time that I want to photograph, but the little whiney confidence monster inside of me usually convinces me to just look the other way and mind my own business. So, thank you first to Nicole for inspiring me to buck up and talk to people, and to Kristy for being so beautiful. I mean, look at her!!! These two images were my favorites from the shoot.

P.S. Does anyone think the top image could be on a science-fiction-female-heroine-novel cover? Ah! I love it!!!!