Engaged: Breeanne and Dallin - Rexburg Engagement Photographer

Breeanne and Dallin are two of the silliest people you will ever meet. Breeanne was my roommate last Spring up at school. I remember hearing the "He said I LOVE YOU!!!" story late at night in the kitchen. We would tease her about how "serious" things were with Dallin. Apparently, things were very serious. He even dressed up as Aladin and proposed at the sand dunes (which in my book is pretty serious stuff). This whole session when I THOUGHT Dallin was whispering sweet nothings in Breeanne's ear, he was actually making exorcist noises.... What a ham. Later in the evening we went downtown in Rexburg to take some more shots at night. The air was crisp, but these two knew no cold! Sometimes love is all you need to keep warm. :)