Oakland LDS Temple Wedding: The Brownlows

Oh my. What a fun and beautiful wedding this was. Everywhere I looked I saw a smile. Hayley and Ben were married in June at the Oakland Temple. As you can see from the picture above, they made my job easy by being so radiantly beautiful and in love. I didn't really have to do a thing. ;) Their reception was a hoot and a half. From awesome toasts, to a "how well do you know your spouse" game called "sole mates", to the most delicious cake I have ever eaten, it was an evening I will most definitely remember. 

Bride and Groom posers...

Here they come!!!!

 Hayley had a beautiful reminder of her sweet mother tied to her bouquet.


 I love these yellow ball plant thingys. Anyone know what those are called? Or where the heck people grow them? Because I sure don't.

 Ben treats her like a queen. What a stud.

 Okay, okay Hayley, YOU WIN. This was the most delicious thing ever to emerge from an oven. And it was freakin' adorable.

This baby was suspicious of me.

"sole mates". The Bride and groom where asked questions about who would be more this or that in the marriage. They could only answer by raising either their shoe or each other's. I think the question here was, "Who is most excited to get to the hotel tonight?" ha ha!

Hayley has a lovely singing voice. She serenaded us all with her rendition of "You and I" by Ingrid Michaelson

This is what I call ENTHUSIASM! Yeah girl!