Engaged! Emily and Jonathan

Oh dear me. What a fun session this was. Jonathan and Emily have so much fun around each other, it's no wonder they are getting married. That's what best friends do! :) We spent the rather windy evening in a little patch of wilderness out past miles of farmland near Rexburg. The trees were still bare, but made for a lovely neutral backdrop (I was very pleased).

This couple came to me for an emergency engagement session of sorts. No, it's not a shotgun wedding. They had only one weekend to take their photos because Emily is in school and Jonathan will be working in Alaska for the summer. Their wedding photographer (the fabulous Ellie Mcmakin of Ellie Asher Photography) who is one of my dear friends was going to be out of town, so I stepped in to help out. Be sure to see their beautiful wedding in August I believe on Ellie's blog.

Wanna know how this couple met? Scroll down to the bottom to see!

 Oh the cuteness! It's a tidal wave of cuteness.

 RAWR. This lady be FIERCE.

 Why are they in a laundry room you ask? What's with the blue sock? Well, this couple met in this very laundry room. The fateful day when a certain blue sock found it's way in Emily's laundry, staining her whites blue. She then turned on the only person in the room. Jonathan. Flirting naturally ensued. She told him her apartment was the one directly adjacent to the laundry facility. Later that evening, Jonathan returned in hot pursuit of the beautiful maiden he had met only hours before. Emily was not home, but her roommates informed her that a handsome young man was looking for her. She was flattered, and soon enough their paths crossed again, and the rest is history.

Congratulations Emily and Jonathan! You guys are the best!