Katie and Carl: ENGAGED!

I have been preparing to photograph these two for basically my WHOLE LIFE. Last fall, Katie and Carl were my loyal portraiture models whenever I needed them. If you follow my blog, you have seen all the silly hair and makeup I have put on this poor girl over the years. 

Carl and Katie met at school February 2012 on a blind date. (NEVER SAY NO TO A BLIND DATE). I'm so pleased to know that one of my best friends has found her REAL best friend. Carl is one of the most awesome people I have ever met. Seriously, this kid inspires me to be a better person by his quiet kindness and consideration for others EVERY DAY. 

For this couple, home is where the heart is, and their hearts are at home. We took these pictures around Katie's Danville, California home. Katie and I spent many a summer there as kids, frolicking in the yard and out on the iron horse trail, collecting pyrite and singing and dancing. We had so much fun taking these pictures and I realized that things aren't all that different now. When there is love, there will always be singing and dancing and frolicking, no matter how old you are. Congratulations Katie and Carl. I love you two.