My mother grew up in foggy Humboldt County in the 70's. We go back and visit every couple of years to see how things have changed. She says some things have changed for the better, and others for the worse. The ocean however, stays the same. It goes in and out just as before, and the clouds cling coastline like they always have. We took a couple days a week or two ago to go back and explore. 

 Travis in the Golden Gait Mercantile, Ferndale

Church in Loleta

Home cooked family style tables and meals await at the Samoa Cookhouse. (Get the BISCUITS)



 We went to the "Trees of Mystery". We usually stop and check out the massive Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox sculptures, (It's tradition). But I hadn't actually been through the trees in recent memory. It was surprisingly fun!

 The kitschy-ness of this place got to me I guess. I opted for a mega flare pouring through the "Cathedral Tree". They had some holy wailing recording from the 60's playing to add a little ambience.

Most of these are snapshots. I will have to dedicate a separate post for the landscapes I shot. I hope you enjoyed the silliness. :)