"I'm so glad when Daddy comes home..."

 These two gals have been waiting for Daddy to come home for a long time. Almost 9 months now he's been away in Afghanistan serving his country. When he left, this little one was only a little over three months old. Now She's all smiles and teeth and almost as tall as her mama. The wait is almost over though, and Dad is coming home in a few short weeks.

I am personally grateful for all the servicemen and women that risk their lives everyday to keep us safe  here at home. I am grateful to the families that support them with their faith, love, and amazing courage. Thank you.

 Daddy recorded himself reading A Charlie Brown Christmas in a Hallmark recordable book so she can read with Daddy anytime. And yes, that is her Daddy Doll on the right.

 Playtime with Grandpa.

Kisses for Daddy...