A little Aloha.

Every once in a while, everyone needs a little Aloha. You can feel it in a warm summer breeze, the sweet smell of a flower, or the kind smile of a stranger. Those little things that make you remember the island life. Lay back. Chill out. Hang loose. 

These are words to live by. 

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite shots of the flora and fauna I encountered on my trip. 

 This was the view off of a small bridge. The pedestrian walkway was also VERY small. There was no barrier and the wall keeping me from falling over the edge was only about waist high. My mother was in fits of worry over our safety.

 Some of these Koi were ginormous. Check out the two big daddies in the lower left.

 Our trail guide told us that this variety of ginger root was not native to the island and had become a bit of a problem for the natural ecosystem. So my father promptly decided to tear one out of the ground and gnaw on it. It was kind of hilarious.