A Day at the US Open with the Diana Mini

It was bright and sunny, but not necessarily warm this tuesday in San Francisco. The Olympic Club hosted the US Open Golf Championship for the first time in 14 years. My dad and I were able to go and check out the competition during Tuesday's practice rounds. I think I saw some famous people. Not being much of a golf follower, I had to be told who was famous and why. I came initially just to finish off the roll of film that had been chilling in my Diana Mini for the last 4 and a half months.

The motto of this little toy camera is "shoot forever". It takes 35 mm film and shoots either square or half frames. I chose to shoot my first roll on half frame, but I did encounter some problems. The film advance wasn't cooperating and therefore gave me a consistent overlay of a third exposure in between. But no matter. I think the multiple exposures created some lovely depth. I guess in the end, if you have run out of film and want to keep shooting, just rewind the roll and shoot right on top! 

My Father has a big problem with, and a major agenda against my Mini Diana. He believes that any image that is blurry or imperfect in any way should be thrown in the trash. I beg to disagree. This camera has a certain ease of use and personality that just makes it fun to use. I will try to fix the film advance issue, and tape up the seams to prevent light leaks, but the images are bright, colorful and contrasty. Every camera has it's own unique quirks and charm. Some are more appropriate for one situation than another. That is just the nature of the beast. Diana and I had a good time that day, and I do not regret having her in my ever growing arsenal of image making machines.