Supermoon Don't Care.

 Preceding every solar eclipse there is a night where the moon is as close to the earth as it ever gets in it's orbit. This is what we call......

a supermoon.

The super moon rose over Danville and Travis and I were there to witness and document. We needed only it's light to guide our way home. We also listened to some sweet tunes provided by DJ Trav-man. Everybody needs some celebration music after a successful shoot with the supermoon! Right?! The light from his I pod made for some interesting portraits as well. Check them out below!

It was such a beautiful evening. I'm just so glad that I was able to take it with me and keep it forever. That is one thing I will always love about cameras. They make the fleeting and temporary a little more  tangible.

P.s. Do you like the scroll box for longer panos? I'm trying to find a better way to display them online.

You can see the stars in the sky in this one. ahhhh, I love it.

DJ Trav-man mixing some sick beats....