Recent Adventures.

Now, don't get too excited. I'm not really that adventurous or anything, but I have done a lot of driving and traveling the last couple of weeks. I moved out of my apartment in Rexburg 2 weeks ago and stuffed everything into the back of my car. You never really realize how much crap you have until you try moving it somewhere. 

Anyways. I was able to spend some time with my aunt in Utah. We hung around with her grandkids and enjoyed the sun on the deck in the backyard. Then my mom flew in and we basically shopped for an entire week. It was ridiculous...and awesome.

Now I am home in California hanging with my peeps. It feels good to be back. I have a whole summer stretched out in front of me with so many amazing possibilities on the horizon. Stay tuned to see if anything exciting actually happens! woot!

I also included some shots from Vegas in this post because they were on the same roll. Enjoy!

 Twilight spoof a la Lemon...
 A day in the park with sandwiches.
 miss chloe.

Hayden loves his grandma. 

Street scene, Las Vegas. 
The Bellagio.