On The Farm: Jess and Wil, part 3...REALITY...

Friday, Jess and I ran from our apartment out to the Farm where Wil has been working. It was the first "warm" day since the Fall. Rexburgers of all ages were out and about enjoying the sunshine and the 50 degree weather. We got there as the sun was getting lower and lower in the sky. Wil was almost done with the day's work, but hadn't fed the cows quite yet. So Jess and I helped shove hay off the back of a flat wagon pulled by two of the biggest horses I have ever seen. It was so much fun, and such a good day, we decided to do it again on Saturday, but this time, I brought my camera. We came quite a bit earlier in the day, so the light wasn't as pretty, but I think I still got some interesting shots. 

I have been in a documentary photography class this semester, and we have been working on one project for the whole semester. I can't wait to share the images from that project on this blog, but alas, it is not yet finished. Anyways, I think the class has helped me  understand what it means to use the camera to document. I have figured out how I like to work naturally. I don't like to be ignored completely as a person when I am documenting, but I do hope that people will ignore my camera. 

We all laughed a bit about this day being Wil and Jess' THIRD engagement shoot. I was thinking about it though, and I would be really proud of a client that wanted a documentary style engagement shoot. It would be way out there, but way cool. If anyone is weird like me and into that, let me know. Because these pictures are real. No posing, just life. And I enjoy that. 

 The cows sort of swarmed the cart when we first got out there.

 And then as we plopped the hay out in piles they just find a pile and start eating.

 the family that WORKS together, stays together.

 And yes...I wore that.

The farm.

follow the hay trail!