Late Night...Girl's night.

Seeing as it was a three day weekend, three of my roommates were out of town, so the apartment was feeling pretty empty. However, we were also not receiving as many visitors as a result, so we decided a girl's night was in order. Katie pulled up her "pinterest hair board" and we were off! But of course, I'm a photographer and had to capture my creation, so we took a few pictures. Then we moved on to an evening look, and my creative juices started flowing big time. Believe it or not, all of these photos were taken in our apartment with the help of one slave flash and a lamp. I think we watched three movies, consumed 5 times the daily recommended dosage of sugar (via some sugar cookies I couldn't help but bake), and had a really fun time feeling pretty. :)
The daytime look!
 Yes. Her eyes really are that blue.
 The evening look. Every girl needs to try the cat eye... it's an instant boost of PRETTY.


P.S. These were all taken on my new NikonD700! I'm basically IN LOVE.