J+W: The Engagements...PART 1!

 Despite having the flu...I had an awesome time shooting this couple. It was a December morning...Very early. We lucked out with the weather though. Christmas in the Bay Area was warm and sunny, a nice change from Rexburg for all three of us. One of Jess' favorite parts about the area in which we live are the hills and the oaks. I have so many fond memories running around in the hills and climbing these trees. And now as the last vestiges of childhood leave, Jess and Wil look towards their bright and happy future. 

There were so many great photos from this shoot, It was hard picking just these top 13. You will just have to come to their wedding to see more! :) 
 So fierce.

 Yes Jess, you just won prettiest eyes in the world award. congratulations.
 California oaks are beyond epic.

 Look to the future!

 Trees provide the best symbolism in engagement shoots. Call me a tree hugger...but I love trees.
 ha ha...cute!

P.s. This couple had a SECOND shoot that will be coming to the blog soon!