Jordan and Kellie: Engaged!

It's beginning to feel like everyone I know is getting married, including my cousin Jordan! Jordan and Kellie met up at BYU-Idaho and are getting married this April. I'm so excited for them. 

Kellie, Welcome to the family! ha ha. We Neals have a lot of fun, and I think you are going to fit right in. 

Kellie has an infectious laugh. I have honestly never met someone who smiles and laughs more than her. That's why she looks so good in all of these pictures! You can't even tell how rainy and gray the sky was because her smile is a ray of sunshine! Jordan, you did good. Congratulations!

There was so much color outside! Which was surprising for January in Idaho.

 Looooove Kellie's blue eyes!
It's so Singing in The Rain!