Jess and Wil: ENGAGED!

Wil called me, and needed my help. Of course, I would be more than happy to oblige. He was going to ask Jess to marry him, and I was going to take pictures. 

The plan was to go on a hike. I was going to be hiding in a specially marked area behind a secret bush ready for when they walked by. I ended up waiting for about an hour an a half, getting update texts...bust mostly radio silence...which was rather unnerving. Apparently, Jess was trying to get all these other friends and family members to go on this hike with them! My first reaction was that she knew he was going to propose and didn't want to do it that day or something, so I was freaking out just a little. So, as they finally rounded the bend to come up the trail they were accompanied by Katie (her aunt), Glen (her Dad), Tyler (her brother), and Remy (her dog). I wondered how this all was going to work out when I realized they were walking right past me.

Oh crap.

I knew Wil had seen the signal ribbons we had marked the trial with. I was sure of it. Jess' other brother Jake was hiding in the bushes with me and reaffirmed my suspicion. Then  15 minutes later Katie came running down the hill shortly followed by Glen and Remy. They mouthed to us that Wil and Jess were on their way. My heart was jumping up in my throat FOR Jess. Then they appeared in the clearing and Wil whispered something in her ear. She told me later that she had told him, "aww wouldn't this be a cute place for you to propose to me", and before she knew it he was down on one knee. 

BUT, before that happened I reached up from my bush to click the shutter, and HOLY COW, my shutter has never sounded so loud in all my life, not even in the sistine chapel or saint peters or in the quietest most deserted forest. So of course, she turns, sees my lens poking up over the bushes and realizes what is going on. Gosh darn I felt stupid, but she was still surprised.

It turns out she was totally oblivious, and of course answered yes to Wil's proposal. It was such a sweet and tender moment, I'm just glad I was around to capture it for them. These two will be lifelong friends of mine. 

Here's to you Jess and Wil. Here's to long life and happiness for you both.

I love his expression. so sweet!

Oh don't mind my ridiculously attractive outfit...I know it's hard to pull your eyes away.
The dog had run down the hill first and was giving away our hiding place, so Katie took one for the team and ran with him all the way down the trail. So she met us coming up the trail.