Jess and Wil: ENGAGED part 2!

Okay folks. It was definitely a trial narrowing down my favorites from this shoot. It was a chilly January day in Utah at Wil's Grandmother's place. We had driven down for the weekend to get Jess a dress and attend a most marvelous bridal shower thrown by all the lovely ladies from Wil's family. It was basically a wedding weekend extravaganza. I was so proud of Jess for being so productive and even having time to squeeze in a second engagement shoot with me. We had a lot of fun messing around down on the farm, as you can see from this first photograph. Seeing as this is their second engagement shoot, there shouldn't be a shortage of shots to adorn the walls of their future home, silly faces or otherwise.

 There was a trampoline, we couldn't resist...

 Awww....The sweetest.

 Oh look! An old doorframe! How convenient!