Jordan and Erin: ENGAGED!

Jordan and Erin are in my ward here at the ol' BYU-I . I was over at her apartment the night she walked in with a mixed look of shock and excitement on her face. But I must have been the only one looking at her face, because everybody was eagerly checking out her newly adorned finger. 

This was a really fun shoot despite the bitter cold. I loved how Erin could make Jordan laugh so easily, and how sweet he was when I backed away and gave them a little room. It's really cool that my job involves being around people in love, because you can't help but just feel happy for 'em. 

Congratulations Jordan and Erin! 

 Erin really wanted a picture on a fire escape, but this was as close as we got....

 I love the one above.
 Only in the great American West do you get THIS kind seamless white of backdrop!