Writer UNblocked!

As of late, I have been neglecting a major portion of my duties as a blogger. That is to say, most awesome bloggers out there have something to say, and they use their blog to say it. Of course they are usually able to craft posts laced with wit and relatable self deprecating humor. This is why we read them right? We read the thoughts of those that have the vocabulary to actually articulate what they are feeling and thinking, in hopes that we can learn to do the same.

Or learn to make cake pops and become rich off of our super blog.

All noble pursuits...I think.

I envy those that can ramble on about nothing and go about it in the most entertaining way. Then they must think to themselves "okay, now throw on a picture and call it good". I have the opposite problem, I post bazillions of pictures and then can't think of what to say about them.

Now is the time to reform. Look out blogospere. This writer is about to get...UNBLOCKED!