For the longest time I was convinced I was not a paint pusher, but I was a graphite...umm...girl. Drawing was controlled, and I could always erase my mistakes, unlike life. I found comfort in that. But this semester I am taking a watercolor class, and by golly did I discover a gold mine of possibilities. This medium is the most beautiful, spontaneous thing I have ever used. The colors bleed and that's just okay, you can incorporate it into your design. The pigments and the water have personalities of their own, and once you learn about them you can train them to do what you want in their own little way. So here are the first two pieces I have done. (You can see my color preferences in both of them). Enjoy!

 Flat wash piece

I used my roommates as reference for this one. A little ode to Stina Persson. It still needs some work, and I needed a 3 inch brush to do a good graded wash on a piece this big, that's why the gradient in the back kinda sucks.

I took these pictures with my phone...don't judge.