Studio Blitz!

As you might know, I am taking a studio lighting class, and the semester is drawing to a close, so I have been trying to get a lot of studio time in to finish my portfolio for the class. Here are some of the images I have been making this week! Enjoy!

So, a little about studio work...It's a lot harder than you think. Yesterday I was in the studio and my professor was helping me light some glass bowls, and holy cow, I was probably at it for an hour and half. If you look at these spoons below you will see the difference between just taking a picture of a spoon and lighting a spoon correctly. I tried to explain to a friend the other day that I had to take a picture of a spoon for my class and how it was stressing me out, and it was hard for her to understand why. So, I hope this is enlightening. Like my professor told me probably 50 bajillion times yesterday, "if it's easy or convenient, then it's probably wrong". This stuff takes work.