Home is where the heart is

I have always been a fan of home. There is something inherently sweet about coming home, no matter what you call home. It tugs at a place deep in your soul that stores feelings of comfort, safety, love, and familiarity. A home is always built from the ground up no matter who may have lived there before. Home is family in all it's forms. 

Here are some photos that I made a while back in the good old summertime at the home of one of my previous clients. I feel there is a sweet truth in these photographs where no one is dressed up or particularly ready for a photo shoot. Their mother just wanted some pictures of her children doing what they do best. Being children. Kids grow up fast, and I feel like this approach to photography is my favorite. When in someone's home, no matter how humble or grandiose, I can learn so much more about them. I am in the artistic camp that appreciates honesty in a portrait. I believe in trying to capture mostly truth in my images. So honestly, enjoy the fun times had by these sweet kids and remember summer days gone by.