Engaged!: Chelsey and John

Hmmm...let's preface this post with the fact that it was 10 degrees outside today. And...low and behold the heavens opened and it began to snow. Luckily these two had their love to keep them warm. Chelsey and John are recently engaged and getting married this March in the LDS Las Vegas temple. Chelsey has been a very dear friend of mine up here at school and I was absolutely delighted to take pictures of her and her sweet fiance. No matter how hard the blew or how cold it got, these two took direction like pros and had energy and enthusiasm like I have never seen. Chelsey was styled by her best friend Ashley Bingham, another roomie of mine, and was faithfully carrying coats and hair products through the entire shoot. Thank you Chelsey and John for the magical morning in the snow, and thank you Ashley for showing me what real friends are for. :)

 This was John's favorite part. ;)