Alexa and Levi: Oakland California Wedding!

 Friday was a LONG day. Not going to lie about that. I was up at 3 AM, having gone to bed at about 12:30 AM. My flight from Idaho Falls to San Francisco came in at about 7:00 AM, but we got a flat tire coming out of the airport! A little while later, I made it home for a quick meal with my mom and a short nap, before heading on over to the Oakland Temple to help my awesome friend Shelley, shoot Alexa and Levi's wedding. 

This couple was so excited to be married and so in love, it was pretty much impossible to NOT capture it in my images. It was such a neat experience to be second shooting with a friend, because we were able to mirror each other's movements around the couple and really cement every moment in time from multiple angles and viewpoints. For all you brides out there, I would honestly recommend hiring two photographers, a husband wife team, or requesting a second shooter because there are candid moments that can only be captured from that second photographer who has the freedom to just play around and get creative with their camera and the scene unfolding around them.

Thank you ALEXA and LEVI for sharing your wonderful day with both Shelley and I. We had a wonderful time and felt truly inspired by your love.

There is no denying how cool Shelley is, as evidenced by the photo above.


Probably my favorite shot of the day above!!!!


 Such lovely toasts at the luncheon.

This expression was too great NOT to post. 

 This brie, along with all of the food was DIVINE!


For more of Alexa and Levi's day, contact Shelly McMakin from Ellie Asher Photography