Kailani and Tom: Surprise Engagement!

Dear Men,

If you are going to propose to us, make SURE you have documentation. Pictures are preferred. We love you, but let's be real. Don't screw this up.


Women of the World.

Tom must have been aware of this unspoken agenda of all women everywhere, because he planned the best proposal for his sweetheart Kailani. We arranged for me to call Kailani last week and ask her if she would help me with my project. I told her it was for a portraiture class and I needed to photograph a couple. She bought it and was totally unawares all week. We met up at the Nature Park in Rexburg and I could tell Tom was nervous, but she still didn't suspect a thing. We photographed for a while and then found a tree that had special meaning to the pair and Tom and I signaled a GO. I asked Kailani to turn around and close her eyes and pose for a picture, all the while Tom was getting down on one knee. I then told her to turn around and look at Tom, and she just about died. She was completely surprised! Before he could say more than I love you she screamed out "YES!" and then "Come here and Kiss me!". I was so honored to be a part of their special moment and I just kept snapping away at the newly engaged couple. I couldn't stop! There was just so much love! So then they changed into casual outfits that I had told them to bring for the "project" and we took some more pictures. Now that's what I call and engagement shoot! Good job Tom. You 'da man.