Mike and Shantae: Engaged!

Oh my goodness, I begin to wonder if I have ever seen a couple so in love. On Saturday I had the most wonderful opportunity to photograph Shantae and Mike's engagements at his family's property in southeast Idaho. The trees all around the little hollow were a riot of color, and the grass was tall and welcoming. It was a perfect picture of Autumn.

However, I must say that my favorite part of the day was riding around the property on a high powered golf cart sort of vehicle called the Ranger. At one point we saw some deer on the ridge and Mike immediately started backing down the hill to go retrieve his gun muttering the whole way "I knew this would happen...". Mike had a deer tag and didn't have his gun with him. What a shame! Ha ha ha! Shantae and I were just giggling up a storm, but Mike was bummed he never got a good shot at those deer. Driving around in the Ranger chasing deer was probably the closest thing I will ever get to photographing a safari expedition, so I was still pleased.

I wish you two the absolute best on your wedding day in December! Thank you for the adventurous and memorable day I hope to never forget!


 Shantae was a little shy sometimes...hee hee

 Love this one.

 Where did she go!?

 The barn was covered in ladybugs!

 Sooooo purty.

 Introducing...THE RANGER!

 awwwwwwww *sigh*