Italia, Mi Manchi...

I hope you all aren't sick of seeing pictures from my trip. Cause here come some more. These came from the second roll of portra 400 that I shot. Italy was spectacular and I don't think I could ever do it justice without living there for quite a bit longer than a month. But here are some of the things I saw and wanted to bring home with me. I think a little piece of myself was left there, and I hope I can return again one day to finish what I have started.
The alabaster carver's chair (Volterra, Italy)
Inside the Church in Manarola

 Sidewalk reproductions in Firenze or Florence
View from the master bedroom in Lucca

 Statues in Firenze
Sailing paraphernalia in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre

 Michaelangelo's David (Florence)
Black cats in Lucca

Campanile di San Marco
The view from San Gimigano

 A musician (San Gimigano)
Peppers (Manarola)

 Grapes in the Vinyard above Manarola
politically incorrect cookie jars in Nove

 Dishes (Nove)
The hand of Saint Anthony (Padova/Padua)

Locals (Riomaggiore)