Give 'em a hand

This semester I was introduced to the world of studio. BYU-Idaho has a small studio with a rag-tag  fleet of lights and beat up, barely breathing pocket wizards. But for a beginner, it's still completely overwhelming. I took my midterm test yesterday and had a timed test on equivalent exposures! However, being prepared for a test is totally different from being prepared for the very limited time you get in the studio to get the shot you need. Luckily today, I had enough time today to explore some really fun concepts. 

We had an assignment to pick one subject and light it in as many interesting and different ways as possible. I decided hands would be a really fun subject because of their dimension and because of how essential to the things we do every day. We probably take them for granted most of the time. So, meet Brian, Jared, Ashley, and Brooklyn who were my amazing models for the day. Remember these were for an assignment, but I think we still got some interesting photographs. Enjoy!