A Plentitude of Pictures: Say Kase!

Okay, so just that we are clear, kase means cheese in German. This summer in Switzerland was an experience I will not easily forget. Scroll down and I will try to give you a glimpse of how I saw it in this next installment of the never ending parade of summer pictures.
This sleepy little boy was on the train coming down from the Jung Frau as we were going up. I just had to be creepy and take his picture, and then all the mommas in his car started giggling at him, and pointing at me taking a picture of him. They call the Jungfraujoch mountain the "Top o' Europe!" because it's purty dang tall.
Tunnels in the mountainside.
The Glacier
There was a brilliant uniqueness of light that was bouncing off the snow and being diffused through the clouds and hit us squarely in the face at the top of the observatory, so I took some portraits of my family.
Dallin couldn't stop laughing long enough for me to get a good one. ha ha!

I have always been jealous of my brother's awesome eyes. They are amazing.

A Neal traveling tradition is to stop in every single pastry shop we see. Mr. Neal makes sure of it.
The Berner Oberland. How the cool kids get around the Alps.
Exhibit A: a particularly cool pair o' kids.
My mother pointed this little snail out to me, and I quite liked it.
The Bern Switzerland Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
My sister toured us around the historic center of Bern with the help of our good ol' friend Ricky Steves

 A misty morning on the way to Mannlichen.

 Dallin among the Cairns.

 This is supposed to be a spectacular view on a clear day...ha.

 Another cow friend that I made.
 This is in an elevator at Trummelbach Falls where the water has been carving through the cliff side for eons and slowly eroding it's path further and further back into the rock.
 This was actually HUGE, but you really can't tell from the picture.

 A public fountain/reflecting pool in Interlaken.

 Happy Swiss National Day! Walking through Wengen (or should I say Valking through Vengen)

 I encountered many a cat on this trip, but I particularly liked this one.

 Dang girl. You on FIRE!

 An evening walking through Lauterbrunnen back to our apartment.
 They have the loveliest cemeteries here. Each plot has it's own little flower box. It was so peaceful and beautiful here in the fading evening light.