Fun with the Finlinsons!

The Finlinsons are a wonderful family that I have known for a while now. They asked me to do some family pictures this summer and I got seriously excited. It's strange coming home every couple of months and seeing how everyone's children are just growing up so fast. It seems like just yesterday little Rocky was a brand new baby welcomed to the world by this lovely couple and their sweet daughter Savannah. So, my excitement stemmed from the fact that we had decided to shoot in their home instead of finding a different location for their pictures. I got to sort of follow them around the house and capture them just being themselves. The kids were squirmy and crazy just like kids should be. The shoot felt like a little peek into another world. Every family is it's own little microcosm, and each one is unique. Thanks guys for letting me be a fly on the wall and capture the amazing and very real personality of your family!

Luke is a very talented pianist, and is eagerly showing Rockwell the ropes.

 Smiley Savannah :)

 Check out those eyes!

 The very simple joy of the Lollipop!

 "Okay Savvy, You can jump on the bed...but just this once!" :)

What a CUTIE! 

 One of my favorites for sure...
So fierce, I almost can't handle it.

 Check it. Yeeeah.

Rockwell: The man of million faces.