A New Perspective Part 2

Classes are just about over. One more day and I'm outta here!!!! All my drawing classes this semester have really pushed me to do my best. I discovered new strengths along with  a whole bunch of new weaknesses. Head drawing is ridiculously difficult for me. Or maybe it's just getting correct proportions from life that is difficult for me. In my creative perspective class however I flourished. Every single one of pieces was chosen to be put on the wall in the Spori mezzanine. I spent so much time on these pieces, and there is still a lot that can be done to them to make them better for sure, but I learned a very important lesson. I do NOT want to be a professional illustrator. I think my work would eat me alive, actually, I know it would. I don't think I would have the mental stamina and self discipline to work so alone for such long periods of time. Photography is a much more social artistic outlet in my opinion. Anyways. I hope you enjoy these!
This piece is a 2 point perspective interior illustrator a "villain's lair". My villain was named Snorkel Bob, a misfit sort of villain who would much rather listen to italian opera on his gramophone than pillage and plunder. But determined to be evil, he fishes illegally and sells antiquities on the black market.
This piece is a 2 point exterior. We were given the theme of construction or deconstruction. So I tried to put a little bit of both. A newly built cabin pleases the settler, while the deforestation leaves our friend the blue jay feeling melancholy. Poor little guy.
This piece is a 3 POINT EXTERIOR!!!! AH!  It was basically insane. I have not mastered yet at all, but this is my "America land". We were asked to create a cityscape of some sort, and this is what I came up with. It's dedicated to my little brother Travis, because he just likes stuff like this. And yes, Rosie the Riveter is hanging out on that beam eating her lunch. Can you name all the landmarks and buildings?! :)