Monkey Rock

Why this place is called "Monkey" Rock necessarily, I do not know. There is a rock, but it clearly resembles a rock and not a monkey. Our Home Evening group went out to this magical place to go bridge jumping (a common summer activity up here in Idaho). Where I am from, those who jump off bridges usually have motives other than fun. So, clearly, I showed up nervous and worried for the safety of my comrades. The rivers are unusually high and fast right now, but as I watched jumper after jumper, I realized it was safe, as long as you jumped from within a 10 foot area on the bridge, and immediately started swimming to the shore after you hit the water. There was a technique that made it safe, yes, I could deal with that. The logic was sound. So, yes mother, I know you are reading this with shock and horror on your face, I jumped. Huzzah.