Weekend in Big Sur

This memorial day I had the wonderful opportunity to go camping with a whole bunch of families in my home stake (including my family). It was beautiful and relaxing. We hiked, sat around the campfire, failed at making banana boats, and became professional marshmallow roasters. I was too scared to bring my camera to the beach, so I brought a waterproof 35 mm point and shoot. I haven't developed that film yet, but we will check it out on a later post.

 "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"

 12 year olds telling ghost stories...hilarious.

 Starting out the "pre-Trek" hike to Buzzards Roost.

 The group up on top.

 I love the shadow the hammock makes.

 She doesn't need the shirt to make you want to hug her. She's so cute!

 The valley view.

 There was no shelter from the wind at the end of this hike, so things got a little chilly.
 I love this picture to death. The other side of the family photo.