Engaged! Jordan & Mari

I can't tell you how excited I was to photograph Jordan and Mari! This stunning couple was a dream to shoot for. First we walked along the streets in downtown Rexburg, Mari animatedly telling me the whole engagement story. Jordan proposed on Easter, complete with Easter eggs containing secret messages along the lines of "will you...". Then He gallantly got down on one knee and finished the job! What a romantic! It was so much fun to photograph them. A couple in love is a beautiful thing. Their energy and fun loving spirit made the shoot an absolute breeze. Thanks guys!

 So fierce. I almost can't handle it.

 Love love love!

 We saw all these dandelions by the sidewalk, and just had to stop. I can't resist them! I swear!

 Jordan has some serious hops.

 I love the adventurous couple. These guys were totally down with getting in a tree, at great personal peril. I was proud of them.

 Picture this.

We will end with this one. Can't you feel the LOVE!?