When I Grow Up.

This semester I took a book arts class where we actually learned how to bind and make books! It has been my favorite class this semester by far! So, for our final project, we had to make a book and actually put something in it. So I decided to create a series of images and ask my models what they wanted to be when they grow up. I then put and over lay of tracing paper on top and inked in representations of what they want to be! I haven't quite finished the book, But I will be sure to photograph it in all it's coptic stitched glory! So here are all the final photos I used for the project.

 Chris wants to be excellent.
 Danielle wants to be a mom.
 Dave wants to be content.
 Deanna wants to be a missionary.
 Jess wants to be a nurse.
 Katie wants to be smart.
 Andy wants to be the best Andy he can be.
 Mikey wants to be enlightened.
Veronica wants to be a therapist.