Sunrise At The Nature Park

It's a new semester and a new photography class. I am currently taking Color Photography this semester along with a whole lot of drawing classes. I might have time to even post some of my drawing work on here as well, but we will see how the semester goes. So far Creative persepcetive class is oodles of fun! I wonder if all this photographyhas made me extra good at messing with perspective? Anyways, Head drawing is definitely working at my weaknesses. Memorizing proportions in the face is hard enough, but measuring a models head with my pencil is killing me, especially since I left my glasses in California. (major OOPS). But, the blind artist will prevail!

Here are shots from an early sunrise excursion to the nature park. My tripod broke along the way, so, I didn't get any fun long exposure shots, but my trusty 55mm 1.8 helped me get some decent shots in the low light. Enjoy!