An Evening in Hagenville

I guess Hagenville isn't a real place, it's more of a state of mind. It lives and breaths through some of my favorite people ever. The Hagens. Katie Hagen has been featured on my blog many a time, and has been my good friend since grade school. We have spent just about every year since then around each other. Through school and marvelous summers off, and then to college, we have been best buddies. Summers in Danville consisted of three things for me.

1. The swimming pool across the street

2. Sleepovers with the most ridiculous gaggle of girls you will ever meet


3. Spending most of my day hanging around in Hagenville

Being in Rexburg makes me really miss those days of summer fun, not only because it feels like the eternal winter , but I am so far away from home. So, being in Hagenville over Christmas break was awesome. The whole clan comes around every Christmas, and even though I am in no way related, I feel completely at home. It was Katie's birthday, and oh what a celebration it was.

(P.S. Katie has very recently entered the Blogosphere You can visit her blog Here!)

My roommate Chelsey came for a visit to experience Danville
Tyler enjoying his salad...shirtless.
I think these birthday candles were left in hot car and melted together, so katie had a nice big birthday brick of candles for her the big 2-0
Katie loves her nieces...
most of the time...
Getting the "kid table" situated. I guess 20 year olds still constitute a spot at the kids table.
ice cream!
The cross stitching in the background makes the decision to eat cake a little difficult for Papa Hagen.

Jessi. The texting fool. (Notice the awesome personalized stockings in the background, just another reason why Hagenville is the best)

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