The Disposable Camera Experiment

It was a Sunday, I believe it was the first Sunday of the semester, and my roommate asked me to take a picture. I of course obliged. I love taking pictures! Then she pulled out the oddest thing. A kodak disposable camera. I laughed and commented on how neat that was that she was using one of these. So I pressed the adorable little flash button so I could hear the high pitched little "WHEEEEE"and pressed down the only other button on the whole apparatus.

A couple days later, I was in WalMart (I'm not gonna lie, I depend on WalMart for a lot of things), just like every other day of my life, and I low and behold I saw a disposable camera that somehow claimed HD capabilities. I knew this was nonsense of course, the thing doesn't even have a real lens. But the temptation to hearken back to the days of fifth grade camp when your mom got you a camera to capture your very own memories with, was too strong! I started remembering that it was about that time that I started getting interested in Photography.

Going back, I could remember being at a lovely little spot on the California coast called Point Lobos and I was begging my dad to let me hold the camera. "I just wanna HOLD it!!!" This camera was the trusty OM1 that has been featured on this blog many a time. So, he told me to keep the strap around my neck and "Don't Drop it....". And I am proud to say, I did not drop it, but I did take a few pictures. I loved the way it made all those mechanical noises, the click of the shutter was fantastic! I felt very accomplished when we got the pictures back and my father didn't even notice that There were two pictures of the ocean that were not taken by him. I later lifted those two pictures and scrapbooked them in my little 8 year old scrapbook (hilarious by the way, I need to scan those in for y'all).

Coming back to the present, I have been taking pictures with this little disposable camera all semester, and these pictures are what I have to show for it. Some of them have fingers in them, which is understandable because there is no lens really, so you can't tell if your finger is in the way or not, because the viewfinder does not show you wat the camera will actually be capturing. The same goes for the weird dark spots, I think those are when part of the flash got covered up. I do like the funny way the were vignetting because of the flash. It gives them a little character.

A lot of these pictures were actually taken by my sweetheart as well. I personally think the best one all around is the one of me on the snowboard. He says I taught him everything he knows, but I think he just has some natural talent in there somewhere. :)

My roommates just really like to match...totally on purpose... ;)

Hmmm...we must have been excited about something...?
Real friends never let friends look stupid alone.

 Mikey really likes the way I drink hot chocolate at Denny's. Go figure.
Chuckle chuckle...laugh laugh.
 The Valentines Dance: A Night In Paris
 Summer and Chris...The Best.
 Having soooo much fun!
 I decorated my sweetheart's room for Valentines Day. He basically loved it. And yes. Those are rose petals. HA!
 Valentines pizza's are Mikey's new favorite thing.
This is a tradition in my family, so I opted for keeping tradition alive...just like Fiddler on The Roof.
Danville Buddies are the best!

 We went to Wingers. Love: The different flavors of lemonade (It's bottomless, yet, so flavorful!) Hate: The fact that they give you popcorn instead of a basket of bread, I say, if I'm going out to eat, Bring on the carbs baby!
 We love Bouldering!
 Mikey's Spiderman class shirt was just all too appropriate for the situation. ha ha.
 Definitely wearing Mikey's clothes. ha ha.
 Trying to get the green route down.
 We definitely have the same shorts on, so at first I couldn't tell who this was...sad? yes.
 hanging on to a....what?'s a telephone!!!
 preparing for our day full of adventure!
 excitement+hat hair = AWESOME
 On the Ski lift.
Feeding the beast. hee hee.
Chillin up at Grand Targhee.
What a rock star! I'm serious. He could do a handstand anywhere, in any situation.
Just Shreddin. The usual.
 Something about the lasagna was upsetting him? Or myabe it was the fact that I wanted to take his picture.
 Then he paparazzied me, and this was the first pose I could come up with. Brilliant, I know.

 A little bit o' Captain.
 Looking out over the landscape.
 R Mountain (Menan Buttes) is MINE!
Up on the "Top"
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