Deep Love

Last night I had the most awesome opportunity to go see my wonderful roommate Mallorie Lamb in Deep Love: A Ghostly Folk Opera. The show was held in the Rexburg Tabernacle which had some superb acoustics by the way, but anyways, after listening to the wonderfully dramatic and tragic lyrics, I felt like reading Romeo and Juliet cover to cover through the night. The show was a lot like an opera in the sense that there were no lines, just songs to help tell the story. The program also had commentary on each song to help thread the story together (and honestly, I probably would have been a little lost without  it). I loved the music so much though that I bought a CD, it only had 5 songs on it, but that's okay, It will help me remember the awesomeness that was this one time event.

We were encouraged to wear funeral attire which I thought was awesome. People showed up with black birdcage veils, capes, top hats, and fake mustaches (that last one still puzzles me). I just wore black head to toe and lugged along my 70-300 mm lens and D90 body to capture a few moments from the performance. 

I hope Deep Love can perform again. The singers and the musicians were so talented and I feel like the world really needs to get a taste of that kind of quality musicianship and creativity. So, maybe I can help by posting a little bit about this magically dark little number that I enjoyed so thoroughly.
 Favorite shot of the night. Rock on Mally!
 Constance played by Erica Rascon, who turned out to be anything but constant.

 Mallorie played the crazy ex-lover, Florence.
 John Peter Lewis' (Old Bones) voice had me mesmerized. His tone in his upper register was crystal clear and so powerful!

 This girl's got some serious soul.

 Tyler graced the audience with his god-like guitar skills.

Friedrich (Garrett Sherwood) falls for Constance, so hard in fact, that when she rejects him in order to save his life, he turns right around and takes his life, making her sacrifice of their love for naught.