The Self Portrait Experiment

Oh dear. There comes a time in every photography class where you are required to make a self portrait. How awkward is that whole process? hmmm. Well, let me tell you. First of all, when you don't have a remote, it makes things super weird because you are sitting on some park bench trying to "smize" and not look ugly in the picture that you are holding down the shutter for. And when people are watching you go through this uncomfortable experience, it just makes things all the more lovely.

SO. For my project, I opted for taking pictures in places where there are no people! woot woot! A.K.A my bathroom and a field on the outskirts of Rexburg! As if this project wasn't going to be hard enough already, I decided to do it on film! yay! Night photography without a light meter (the light meter in my OM1 is busted) is pretty much a complete guessing game. At least for me anyway. You probably could do a whole bunch of math and calculate it all out, but, alas, Math and I have a hate hate relationship. In conclusion, I was taking a lot of risks because I had a limited time window to complete this project. But what's life without a little danger?

In the end, I didn't get to use either of these images for my project because I ran out of time. The real culprit in this situation was the dreaded EXHAUSTED FIXER! When I was fixing my film, the fixer that I used was too old, and made my negatives all milky and gross. I (being a darkroom newbie) had no idea what was going on. I tried making prints, and the paper would turn out blank, it was the weirdest thing. The lab assistant couldn't figure it out either, so eventually I asked one of the professors if he knew what was going wrong, and he determined that it was the fixer. So I had to re-fix, and re-dry my film, and by that time, I only had time to scan one strip of film into the computer and digitally print it. It was a terrible picture, but I turned it in anyways. My teacher lets us re-do assignments as long as they were turned in on time.

So today I went back and spent a luxurious 3 hours in the lab printing in the darkroom without the pressure of a deadline, and got the picture I wanted. I'm going to submit the picture in the snow as my self portrait. There is just enough self to satisfy the requirement of a self portrait, without the awkwardness of a shot of my face trying to look decent. Wow. Usually I have nothing to say on these posts. But I just kinda dumped my brain. Hope you enjoyed the brain dumpage and the pictures
P.s. I really wasn't trying to copy anyone....really.

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