Subject Exploration

This week in my photo class, we had an assignment to spend a large amount of time with just one subject. By focusing on one thing for longer, it is hoped that one can get a more unique view of the subject and less of a pedestrian view. We get too used to just snapping without much thought and not spending enough time with a subject. For my project, I went outside by the creek and brought various pieces of costume jewelry to photograph, juxtaposed alongside organic materials. I really like how they turned out. I was having a bad day too, but once I got photographing, it's weird how suddenly I felt better, even though my hands were so cold I could barely feel the shutter release!
I used the picture above for my assignment.

can you see the little red dots in the gems? I was wearing a red coat! ha ha ha....

Above is the second one I used for my assignment

I love wearing this gaudy, I know. :)
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