Lovely Strangers and Old Friends.

Today was an adventure. I have a portrait assignment due tomorrow, and of course I procrastinated this one. So I have to edit, print, and mount two of these before the end of the day. But that's not why today has been particularly adventurous. It's because I have no idea who most of these people are. Today, I walked around campus asking random strangers if I could take their picture. Most obliged, except for one. This guy was eating a cookie and seemed to be having a bad day (I don't particularly know why eating a warm gooey cookie would ruin your day, but I don't judge). It was fun, and made me feel like a "real" photographer for some reason. I just talked to the people and tried to make them feel comfortable. Most of the girls felt compelled to smile, but the men were a bit more reserved. Everyone was very sweet to me, but of course, this is BYU-IDAHO, and being the oh so popular person I am, I also ran into two of my long time friends who allowed me to snap at them too.
If you have two that are your favorite, let me know! I need to choose two to print, and I love them all too much. Thanks for stopping by!