Things have been crrrrazy up here in Idaho. It started snowing today, so get ready to see a whole different kind of Idaho from now until Spring. I have had a bit of a sore throat yesterday and today, but a two hour nap after my 8 o' clock class really made a difference. Oh man, time to bust out the hot chocolate and pumpkin pie, winter is nearly here! The snow makes me want to listen to christmas music already! ahhhh! Must....resist! Well, here are some shots from pre-snow Idaho!


I love the way the sprinklers make big fuzzy rainbows. hee hee.

This is the oh so lovely Jane. I did some headshots for her upcoming audition with Disney. She is a fabulous performer, and if I may say, she has the most gorgeous blue eyes EVER!

The moon was rising so fast this night. I saw it low in the sky and it was HUGE. So I ran for my camera and booked it up the hill to the temple, I lost some of the hugeness in the ten minutes it took me to prepare, but I think this shot turned out fairly well.