I hope these pictures of my climate makes you feel better about yours...

It's definitely that time of year again. Oh goodness. The snow has inspired me! So here are some shots to get you in the mood...ha ha. "It's beginning to look a lot like...." AH! Not yet!

Well, Thanksgiving Break is in nine days. And y'all know what that means! Time with family and friends, and lots of food, don't forget about the food. I hope all my readers are staying warm wherever they are, it's been quite the challenge up here in Iceburg, Idaho. I am continually scared that I'll be late for class, run to my car, and find that the doors are frozen shut. It hasn't happened yet though. *whew* I guess the trick is clearing the snow off the minute it stops snowing so it won't get hard and frozen overnight. It's not as bad pushing fluffy snow off the car. Wow. I'm learning so much more than academics up here. ha ha! Well, happy Tuesday friends!
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