I'm the suckiest blogger I have personally ever met. Geez. Is it because I have nothing to write about? hmmm, no not really. I have lots of stuff to say, but writing it down on a consistent basis is seriously difficult. Okay, let's play the catch-up game.

So, I am at school right now in good 'ol Rexburg Idaho. Land of rushed marriages, mormons, and student housing as far as the eye can see. I'm taking 18 -COUNT 'EM- 18 credits this semester. I have been feeling the hurt. I am so busy, I can't even see straight. I also decided to get involved here at school by joining a show choir called The Showtime Company. It's been a lot of work, but a lot of fun. We had our first performance yesterday, and let me say, it did not go too well. Our sound wasn't working at all, the song and the microphones were cutting in and out, ruining our confidence (Corny forgot the words in "Nicest Kids in Town") and our timing for that matter. Personally, the only redeeming thing about the night was that I got to try out these awesome new fake eyelashes I got from Sally's Beauty Supply. SCORE! bahahaha.

Anyways, classes are fun (except for The Developing World, YUCK), and I have actually squeezed in a little social life every now and then as well! Woot Woot! I have made a lot of new friends, including my awesome roommates. I go to Idaho Falls a lot to see friends there as well. :)

In other news, My sister is getting flipping MARRIED in two days. I head out tonight from the Idaho Falls Airport to come to Danville for the weekend. I'm soooooo excited, but super freaked out. I am doing Allison's hair and makeup...for her WEDDING DAY. Ummm, a little frightening? yes. Indeed. I keep having visions of her turning around to face me and seeing a monster where my sister has just been. I believe that every girl has a little Bridezilla in her on that one day in her life. I'm just worried of what will happen to her mascara if I don't place every hair on her head in a way that's pleasing to the overcritical eye of a bride on her wedding day. Better use waterproof. Oh well. I guess we will just hope for the best.

Hmmm. ALSO, I am in a photography class, and we have a class blog, you can find my photos there under all posts that are titled "Susannah Neal". check it out!