Double Team! GO!

So. life has been good in my hood. I really have failed on the whole posting every day thing. Right now, it just can't be done, so I'll just do my best and that will have to be good enough. These AWESOME pictures were taken about a week ago with my fabulous friend Veronica who is just launching her modeling career. So, we thought we would do a shoot together just for kicks and giggles. I could work on my photography and she could work on her (as Tyra so lovingly calls it) SMIZE....ha ha ha.
Anyways, it had been raining all morning and I was thoroughly bummed, but then as I suited up, the clouds parted and we had a marvelous bright blue sky dotted with clouds to shoot with. So, I packed up all my stuff and headed to Vern's to begin. I felt like quite the auteur, as I was the makeup artist, artistic director, and photographer of our shoot. We literally packed a suitcase with all our favorite clothing options. And with a dusting of blush and little lip gloss we were off to what was probably the muddiest hill this earth has ever seen. NO MATTER! Onward! Veronica was more than happy to trek across cow pasture to get my perfect shot.
Later, we ventured into town and got the best of the lovely sun as it warmed Danville's red brick restaurants and other sundry establishments. What a wonderful day. I have never had more fun taking pictures! And Veronica just makes them look so good. Props girl. You are FIERCE!
Danville's hills in the spring = Amazingness...

Gotta love the wind
Peek-a-boo! I see you!

Favorite shot of the day...So Ralph Lauren...
This one is more....Abercrombie maybe? or is that just the color? ha ha.

Veronica has a blog about her modeling career! So check her out! Yay!