My ward bubble, and why it's awesome.

For any of you who weren't aware, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This church is worldwide. We have members in nearly every corner of the globe. The funny thing though, is that in each of those little corners where members reside, a microcosm of church activity is established. Our families extend not only to our cousins, aunts, stepchildren and so on, but to an entire ward. A whole group of people who live near you, believe what you do, and their purpose as well as yours is to lift their fellow ward-member's burdens. Now here's that part that will tie it all together, I promise. We (members) commonly use the phrase "outside the church". Statements like that just show how truly separated we are. A bubble really. But hey, I would much rather live inside a bubble where I can feel the lord god near me and where I can live forever with him, than popping my bubble to experience the "real world". You can call me sheltered, but I guarantee that staying close to your ward bubble will bring you a great deal more happiness than wandering out on your own.

We are a big church and an even bigger family...huge in fact. And big families are notorious for having big dinners. So here are some snapshots from our last ward "linger-longer". They really are just snapshots though...don't get too excited. But really, I love these people, a lot.

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