does things to you....

Hmmm. Well then. I am a bad blogger.
1. I have no cool theme to my blog.
2. I have consistency issues.
3. Nobody cares about what I have to say.

this could prove to be a problem. So, I have decided to reform this blog to a photoblog. I will post a new photo that I took that day, even if it sucks and has no artistic value. I WILL post everyday. (I will, I will, I will, I will....)

It's not really New Years...but here is my late resolution: I will change my ways and become a good blogger. Then, and only then, might someone actually care about my little corner of the world wide web.

So. I have been working at the illustrious Yogurt Shack in downtown Danville the past few weeks. I love my co-workers and my manager, and the job is really fun (Free yogurt is also a major plus). However, I find myself becoming slightly bored as I fall into a monotonous routine that just repeats, shortening my days so I become aware only of "work, eat,, eat, sleep!" (sort of sounds like a twisted zombie movie right?) Anyways, hopefully that explains my behavior yesterday. My mother and I went shopping. Macy's was having a sale. We had coupons. There were designer shoes for 65% off. (sounding like the perfect storm huh?) And then disaster, or perhaps fate, struck. I fell in love with two very well fitting pairs of heels and some suede knee high suede boots. There was no parting the four of us happy friends, so they just had to come home with me. Luckily I got a screaming deal on these puppies. So, after a day of shopping like nobody's bidness, I decided to have a photoshoot with some of my favorite shoes. Enjoy...or be choose.

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