Schoolius Mcschool...

Okay. So, I sit here in Apartment 183 (which is not my apartment number by the way), I just microwaved some instant rice. I plan to put some sweet and sour sauce on it once the water gets soaked up by the rice. But I have to let it sit for 2 minutes. Talking about your immediate present is supremely boring. But really, what kind of meal is that? I guess it's a "Why on earth would I go and buy food, when I have semi-edible elements here, in my very kitchen, that when combined almost make a food-like conglomerate?" It's just science. Because I really have an affinity for science...that's why I didn't take a science or a math senior year. In truth I am trying to avoid math at all costs here in Ideeho, but science was inevitable. However, the science foundation course is a general culmination of just about everything I ever learned in school. A sprinkle of Biology, a little chemistry, some anatomy, yeah. all that stuff...and stuff.
K, K. so rice meal, was decent. Jessi's living room was kinda gross, so I vacuumed and put some stuff away. There's something strangely therapeutic about vacuuming. You can't hear anything except for a loud obnoxious roaring in your ear...until it fades away and soon becomes a clean background for the animation of ones inner musings. hmmm.
Well. Thanksgiving with my family was a blessing indeed. I was in need of my siblings, and the way my mom laughs at everything I say. I actually feel funny when she laughs at me. In a good way. It's a genuine laughter, I'm usually laughing with her anyways. Who knew there was so much to laugh in a Costco with your mom? well...I really have nothing to say. Boozer out.